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We’re here to make your EWRB exam faster, smoother and way less stressful.

Nobody likes exams. We will get you prepared to pass yours as quickly and painlessly as possible. Our courses pull together all the stuff you need to know in one place. You can study on your time, at your own speed.

3 Steps to Your EWRB Certification

Trade Lab® courses have all the info you need in one place, and break it into logical, easy-to-learn modules.

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EWRB Electricians Regulations Exam

This online course will refresh and extend what you know, plug any gaps, and get you ready for your EWRB electrical regulations exam.

Reviews from Trade Lab® grads

Thousands of Kiwi plumbers and electricians have been through Trade Lab® courses and gone on to nail their exams. Some of them were excited enough to drop us a note.

Unreal product. They’ve gone through all the old exam papers, taking the guesswork out of what could be in your exam. I sat the certifying plumbing exam in November 2020 and was blown away with my result. The course is easy to follow, and once you get confirmation of standards from PGDB you can cement the knowledge from the appropriate section of the programme. The 58-odd marks in my exam directly related to examples that were covered in the course. This gave me a massive confidence boost when opening up the exam paper. Extremely satisfied customer, and will purchase the gas exam prep shortly.

— Dave McGall

I had been away from New Zealand for a while. When I came back I decided to sit my certifying exams for plumbing and gas. I used Trade Lab® for both and found the content to be comprehensive, with all the information you need in one place. I passed the gas exam with 95.5%.

— Dinesha Richardson

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Who are our courses for?

If you’re an apprentice ready to study for and sit your EWRB certifying exam, these courses will help you nail it. They’ve been put together by people who’ve been there and done that – and know how to make it all simpler and less of a mission.

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