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We are here to grow your trade skills and business with easy and accessible courses.

Doing your apprenticeship is hands-on, interesting and mostly fun. Then comes the stressful bit – getting on top of all the other stuff you need to know to pass your certifying and tradesman exams. Our courses are designed to get you there quickly and with the minimum of sweat. And once you’ve got your ticket, we’re here to teach you the fundamentals of running a solid business.

Why Trade Lab®?

We understand how it feels to be in your boots.

All of us at Trade Lab® have been where you are now, and we get how it feels when you’re about to take that next big step. Nobody loves exams! So we’ve designed our courses to take some of the pressure off. 

We know what you need to do to succeed.

Our courses pull together everything you need to know to smash your exams. We cover what the exams cover, so you don’t waste your time. We also have tips on how to prep and what to expect. Do the mahi with us and in six weeks you’ll be good to go.

We make studying simpler and less of a mission.

Trade Lab® courses are designed in a structured, logical way with bite-sized modules that you can do at your own speed, in your own time. They’re mostly video, and there’s not much reading – it’s easier to remember this way.

We can help you begin and grow your business.

If you’re about to go out on your own, or you’ve already done so and just want to be better at doing it, Trade Lab® can help. We have courses to equip owners and managers with the knowledge and systems to run more efficient, profitable and enjoyable businesses.   

Your instructor

Nik McIntosh - Founder

Hi there, I’m Nik McIntosh, I’m a certifying plumber and gasfitter and the founder here at Trade Lab®.

I started Trade Lab® because I’m passionate about our industry and saw a way to help newcomers make the leap from their apprenticeships to becoming strong, independent tradespeople with their own successful businesses. 

It gives me a buzz to see people grow, and the only way to grow is to learn, and keep learning. With Trade Lab® I want to remove any barriers to tradespeople reaching their potential – through collaboration, education and open conversation, and by making it easier for everybody to tap into the knowledge they need, when they need it.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you find plenty here to get excited about.


I recently completed the certifying gasfitter online course. The course is in-depth, focusing on all the necessary parts of the exam, including the detailed process for pipe sizing, clear definitions, and explanations of things I hadn’t even come across yet. All their information is up to date and updated regularly, and they are happy to help with any questions (I had heaps) in the weeks leading up to the exam. I passed with 88 per cent. Since then, I have started my own plumbing and gas company. I highly recommend this online course: it’s easily done at home and in your own time.

— Bryn Jones

I was put on to Trade Lab® by a friend. We shared the same problems: neither of us had sat an exam in years; we needed to study and refresh before the certifying drainage exam, and we were both busy at work and at home with young families. Being able to log in and cover a couple of topics each night made study very easy. I found the delivery suited me as it limited the amount of reading I needed to do after a busy day. It wasn’t until I sat the exam (and passed convincingly) that I realised just how relevant the study material had been. I recalled many of the questions being covered throughout the Trade Lab® course.

I would recommend these courses to all new and old preparing for an exam or as a very easy way to refresh your trade theory.

— Mark Dooley

Without the help of Trade Lab®, there is no way I would have achieved the pass marks I did in both my gas and plumbing certifying exams. The way the courses are set out makes them easy to follow and recap if needed. If there are sections you are struggling with, all it takes is an email and help will follow.

If, like me, you were hopeless at school and the thought of more study fills you with dread, then jump on board with Trade Lab® and you'll surprise yourself. I certainly did.

— Jim Simpson

I can’t recommend Trade Lab® enough. I had just spent three years overseas and was a bit fuzzy on the New Zealand standards. I completed Trade Lab®’s six-week plumbing certifying course in four weeks, spent the fifth doing revision, and passed the exam with 95 per cent. I would also recommend this as a refresher course for anyone unsure on the code.

— Henry Miskelly

I had been away from New Zealand for a while. When I came back I decided to sit my certifying exams for plumbing and gas. I used Trade Lab® for both and found the content to be comprehensive, with all the information you need in one place. When I sat my certifying gas exam, I passed with 95.5 per cent.

— Dinesha Richardson

Grow yourself and your business.